Completed projects

Sberbank in the Republic of Karelia

Engineering of computer and telephonic networks and of security systems for all Karelian Sberbank branches. More than 50 objects.

Special Police Force (OMON) office at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Karelia, Petrozavodsk

Development of engineering documentation for low-voltage systems.

Onego Bank, Petrozavodsk

Engineering of Bank’s security systems.

Administrative and sales complex at Kalinina str. – Nevskogo ave., Petrozavodsk

Stage P of engineering of integrated security systems and low-voltage systems (total area of 9000 m2).

The 3rd stage of Karhakos enterprise, Kostomuksha

Accommodation of “TWAE-NORTH TECNICS OY” Company Project on the fire suppressing system and security systems of the 3rd stage of “Karhakos” enterprise (manufacture block, managerial and social block, “Cold warehouse”).

State philharmonic Theatre and Russian drama Theatre of the Republic of Karelia, Petrozavodsk

Engineering of integrated security system and low-voltage systems.

Engineering of similar systems at other objects of Kizhi museum-sanctuary.

Engineering of security systems for the period of restoration of the Preobrazhenskaya church.

Kizhi, museum-sanctuary, Kizhy island, UNESCO object

Engineering of integrated security system of the Kizhi church yard.

Hypermarket Sigma, Petrozavodsk

Engineering of fire suppressing system of selling space (fine-bored water). Development of integrated security system.

Multifunctional trading center Lenta, Petrozavodsk

Engineering of automatic fire suppressing system (7000 m2).

Computer center KEY, Petrozavodsk

Engineering of security system complex, low-voltage systems and system of fire suppressing (fine-bored water). Two directions of fire suppressing (7800 m2). Plastic pipes “Firestop” are applied for piping of sprinkler systems of fire suppressing, certified for fire suppressing. 50 years guarantee.

MTS, Petrozavodsk branches

Development of integrated security system.

Therapeutic Dvortsy complex

Development of targeted fire defense signalization and announcing system, of sprinkler fire suppressing system.

Parking place of RAO EES, Moscow

1st string. 2nd string. Development of engineering and estimate documentation for the system “Automated Fire Suppression”.

Kondopoga JSC, Kondopoga

Development of a complex of security systems and of low-voltage systems for some objects of "Kondopoga JSC".